Ahmed B.K.
Ahmed B.K.

My portfolio

This project is a versatile platform that empowers users to create their personalized portfolios and blogs seamlessly using Next.js and Vercel. It leverages the power of Notion as a content management system, offering features such as SEO-friendly URLs, responsive design, and incremental static regeneration.

Tailwind CSS

This repo is what I use to power my personal blog and portfolio website.

It's perfect for building your own personal website if you are a developer, a designer, a researcher, a writer and allows for everything to be costumizable.

Features include writing posts using Notion as CMS, pretty URLs, SEO-friendly, entirely customizable through one config file, fast page views, sleek portfolio showcase, dark and light mode, responsive design, incremental static regeneration, RSS feed, deploy on Vercel in minutes, search posts instantly, analytics with Vercel Analytics, and the ability to display your courses.

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